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The Million Dollar Napkin

Even though the “gurus” are trying to sell you $67 “books” trying to get you to spend $ with FaceBook and the like–purely for somebody else’s benefit–
there are still creative people developing meaningful ways of getting targeted traffic to a site for very small spends.

Sometimes an old dinosaur of a technique is tuned up and made new again.

The Million Dollar Napkin is one of those–a straightforward way to get thousands of targeted viewers for free–and 1,000,000 actual, real world visitors, slowly, steadily, and profitably.

If your budget is strangling your marketing, give it a try before spending any more with the “gurus”.

Like Everything here, you can start for FREE.

But there is tremendous bang for the buck by going pro..

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Totally New Way to Build a Business–for Free!

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If you have been disappointed in you efforts to make a beginning without having to spend a $997 to learn how to make $67, then you need this.
No meetings to go to! No phone calls to make!
No spamming anyone!
No inventory! No supplies to buy! recession-proof Work fro home!
A completely new model for mlm business. A completely self-funding way to get started.
Time with your family!
Financially stable!
No special skills needed!
No office to commute to!
Join it now

Then Grab a FREE Website for All Your Promotions

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Grab a Look at Anything Here

Posted September 10th, 2009 by jb blogger
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Yeah… and then comment if you have read any of them

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This was funny –AND–a way to get links

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God is Michael Jackson????

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an interesting book to read

Posted July 4th, 2009 by jb blogger
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not about marketing.. instead it’s a book about approaching hoe to live the way the Bible actually said to live…not th way some mad dog
preacher making himself wealthy at the expense of your soul wants you to live.

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Posted July 4th, 2009 by jb blogger
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part of there being a point to living by entrepreneurship and craft, and not being a slave is finding meaning.

Here’s a book i can endorse. buy it. read it.

add it to the endless spam in you head about the “right way to think” about making a living, or having a life.

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Social networks are all the rage form the gurus who try to tell you to buy a network or 2 from them.

In reality, you need, as a beginner to have a way to get used to moving content onto th web getting some exposure, improving the seo reankings of whatever you ar trying to promte, and you need to not spend money for nothing.

You need to earn money, no matter what.

Every minute spent online needs to have a reality check of making money, or donlt be there.

This new social site gives you the ability to share in their revenue strea while you buld your own recognition.

You need to join it, insteadof forking out more money for guru nonsense.

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This is an intersting new expierment. I’ve found a way to create a private ad network, if things are configured properly. That’s right, instead of trying to figire out how to make money online advertising other people’s choices, i think there’s a way to be my own internal ad sense machine, and get my traffic aimed at the online advertising i want.

let’s see.

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Fireball planet

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one of the sources for marketers who are tired of guru garbage is a guy named ian del carmen.
Most of his prodicts are good.
and all of them ordered thru us carry a rebate of one kind or another.

Fireball Planet – Our planet.

that’s a link that will get you there.

but it’s not the right link…

the right link for people ready to become GuruKillers is  this line right here..the one you are reading, the marketers connection to quality and prfot, NoMoreGuruBonus.


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SEO Phantom Users

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 WE have been getting a few reports from people who followed our advice for professionals,

and purchased SEO Phantom. the 4 different softwares working together takes a few minutres to figure out, yes.

That is to be expected. Does it remove the need for a human brain? No. The only things that work well without a brain attached are the .bot things that get banned by everything. Does anybody remember when it became possible to search and comment on blogs by software? doesd anybody remember that 6 weeks later, becuase of a handful of idiots and a few criminals every blogging service introduced ways to ban that softwaree from working well?

the same is true of SEO Phantom. It will save hours,..countless hours..on your work year. It will increase your net page views. It will improve your rankings. It will give you tools like you have been wishing for when you were wondering how the gurus do it.

It cannot replace you.

Be glad about that.

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